Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Friday, November 19, 2010

Weekend Reading and Fun


 We've covered vegetarian and gluten-free Thanksgivings - but I've got one more for you: Mark Bittman's sustainable Thanksgiving.

The Environmental Working Group (home of the Dirty Dozen list) has a piece on having a safer, greener Thanksgiving.

Great post on Nutrition for the Future on raising veggie-loving kids - something we could apparently all use help on given Wed. night's discussion.

Then, travel over to the Spoonfed blog which has a half dozen recent  posts on the insanity that is McDonalds' nutrition education.

Hey - more evidence that GE salmon might be bad for you and the FDA doesn't care.


The Garvies Point Museum in Glen Cove will host their annual Native American Thanksgiving Feast this weekend.  Try at least three kinds of popcorn, acorn squash roasted in an open fire, grind your own corn and find out what soup tastes like without any salt.  More details at the museum's website.

Old Westbury Gardens has a program for kids Saturday at noon on the sweet potato and its importance to Native Americans. Plus, there's a craft.

Old Bethpage Village Restoration will celebrate an 1863 Thanksgiving this weekend and next.

On Sunday at 2pm, kids can learn how to play Native American games at the Bailey Arboretum.

So, that should be more fun than anyone can really handle.


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