Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Food Manufacturer Tricks

Fiber does taste good.

But apparently the big food manufacturers are desperate to convince you that healthy, nutritious foods with wholesome ingredients are basically inedible. And, Big Food has come to the rescue with processed, packaged food-like things you can stand to eat.

Lots of companies do this so it may be unfair to pick on the Fiber One line first, but I just saw their commercials on TV this morning.

In each commercial, stunned, female shoppers accost a man in a supermarket demanding to know how there could possibly be fiber in a product that was sooo delicious! This morning they were eating:

The Ingredients are:
Chicory Root Extract , Semisweet Chocolate Chips , (Sugar , Chocolate Liquor , Cocoa Butter , Soy Lecithin , Natural Flavor) , Whole Grain Oats , High Maltose Corn Syrup , Rice Flour , Barley Flakes , Sugar , Canola Oil , Glycerin , Maltodextrin , Honey , Tricalcium Phosphate , Palm Kernel Oil , Soy Lecithin , Salt , Nonfat Milk , Fructose , Malt Extract , Cocoa , Baking Soda , Caramel Color , Natural Flavor , Mixed Tocopherols

You do get 9g of fiber.  But really? A pear doesn't taste good? It has 7g. What about a cup of chickpeas -- 13g. An apple has 5 and, by the way, you need to eat fruits and vegetables every day -- not palm kernel oil and four different kinds of sugar.

We don't need this constant drum beat of things that are good for you can't taste good.

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