Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weekend Reading and Fun


Small Bites is a blog that talks about nutrition in, er, small bites. For those of you looking for some very specific advise about how to parse out the ingredients in "wheat" bread, check this out.  If for some reason, you can't bring yourself to leave this blog to go read that one, here's a hint: you need the first ingredient to be "whole wheat".

Junk food may be addictive. For the evidence and a slightly creepy video PSA that makes this argument, see this post on the Spoon Fed blog.  All the more reason not to train kids at lunch in school that they ought to be eating nuggets and things that look like french fries.

I just heard that October is non-GMO month and the folks behind it have produced a handy shopping guide - admittedly a pdf (sorry, no app this time) but still useful for those who prefer not to eat genetically-modified things.


This is a video of a McDonald's Happy Meal as it sits out on a coffee table for six months. Guess what happens? Nothin'.

Michael Bloomberg does not like soda. He wants to tax it. He does not want you to use food stamps to buy it. And now he has unleashed the power of Madison Avenue.  New video of NYC's Dept of Health's anti-soda video posted on Grist.  This video is safe to show to kids (but not that other one about junk food addiction).


On Sunday, the Huntington Historical Society is hosting an apple festival at the Kissam Barn.

The Queens County Farm Museum has pick your own pumpkins this month. If you haven't been, this working farm in Queens is worth a trip.

And of course, it's Oyster Fest out in Oyster Bay. Take the train.


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