Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Friday, January 25, 2013

Weekend Reading


Mark Bittman wrote a thoughtful piece on how our government is subsidizing obesity - and I'd argue does so through the school lunch program at many schools as well.

The uproar over Coke's new obesity ads is something - if you haven't read anything about it yet, try this post - Coke Thinks You Are Stupid. Then, look back here to see the video - The Real Bears.


It's already time to sign up for a CSA - the Golden Earthworm has applications online as does the Garden of Eve.

If you're still looking for a New Year's Resolution - check out the 100 Days of Real Food Pledge.


Tell the FDA not to irradiate our food - read more, sign the petition.

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