Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Monday, September 10, 2012

Please Welcome Back -- The Salad Bar!!!!

Last year, our school district applied for and won grants to put salad bars in all our schools. Salad bars are a terrific way to increase the number of fruits and vegetables kids each eat day. Students can pick their "side" dishes from the salad bar or choose the salad bar as their meal any day.

These are pictures from Sea Cliff and the salad bar looks terrific. The cafeteria employees will help serve your child and everything looks fresh and delicious.

Here's what you can typically expect to find:
- red leaf and romaine lettuce - basically, kids don't like mesclun and iceberg doesn't have much by way of nutrition so she felt these were our best lettuce options.
- 4 or 5 vegetables such as broccoli, cucumbers, carrots, grape tomatoes and red onion
- a protein such as chic peas, black bean salad, hard boiled egg, Boars Head turkey cut into small pieces or tuna
- a choice of dressings
- croutons which Julia has stated will be "good ones" with minimal ingredients. The croutons meet the grain requirement of the lunch and increase participation. Her ultimate plan is to be able to make homemade croutons.

 ....and sometimes Applegate bacon.  The dressings are Balsamic Vinegar, Ranch and Caesar. Click each one to be linked back to ingredient lists. Read about Balsamic Vinegar here: filtered water, organic soybean oil, organic balsamic vinegar, organic sugar, salt, organic white vinegar, organic minced garlic, organic garlic powder, organic onion powder, organic black pepper, organic red bell pepper granules, xantham gum.  

On page two of this pdf - you can see a description and suggestions for making the salad bar a complete meal.

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