Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Thursday, September 13, 2012

What's for Lunch - Fri., 9/14

Whole Wheat Grilled Cheese
Whole Wheat Pasta with Broccoli & Mozzarella
Chickpea Salad
Petite Banana

Great day to buy lunch - but check your child's account balance at My Payments Plus. The emails you would normally get on low balances are not working right now. The good news is that the software for our food services is being upgraded with new functionality -- and the online payment function now includes an app for your phone for checking balances, paying and seeing what your kid actually bought at school.....

We have the great, fresh, kid-friendly sides pictured above today. Please talk to your kids about the importance of fruits and vegetables in their lunches. Plus, the grilled cheese sandwich is made with Cabot cheddar on whole wheat bread.  We use Nature's Own Whole Wheat Bread for these. The ingredients are: STONE GROUND WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR, WATER, BROWN SUGAR, YEAST, WHEAT GLUTEN, CONTAINS 2% OR LESS OF EACH OF THE FOLLOWING: SALT, VEGETABLE OIL (SOYBEAN OIL OR CANOLA OIL), DOUGH, CONDITIONERS (SODIUM STEAROYL LACTYLATE, CALCIUM, STEAROYL-2-LACTYLATE, MONOGLYCERIDES, CALCIUM IODATE, ETHOXYLATED MONO AND DIGLYCERIDES, CALCIUM PEROXIDE, DATEM), CULTURED WHEAT FLOUR, VINEGAR, CALCIUM SULFATE, MONOCALCIUM, PHOSPHATE, YEAST FOOD (AMMONIUM SULFATE), SOY LECITHIN.

Or you can get a whole wheat pasta with fresh broccoli and part-skim mozzarella.  Both entrees have whole grains and unprocessed ingredients -- we make both of these in-house. (Yes, there are schools who sell prepackaged grilled cheese sandwiches.)

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