Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Friday, September 21, 2012

Weekend Reading - and Fun


I thought everyone would be excited about the new, more stringent nutritional requirements for school lunch. I thought kids should have boycotted the old version of lunch. I was wrong. Students everywhere have finally been driven to pack a lunch a on.  After which, head over to The Lunch Tray for a thoughtful piece which basically argues - give kids  a chance to get used to seeing vegetables on their plates.

More dirty tricks from junk food manufacturers - the WSJ reports here on how they use free games for tablets and smart phones to get your kids to demand more Icees.

We all know eating well while traveling can be tricky. The Spoofed blog covered a family vacation and their efforts to find real food.

Stanford researchers have produced a new study on the nutritional value of organic versus conventional produce. Read more here.

The produce aisle has some new stars including kale but most of all - avocados - as consumers hear the message about nutrient-dense foods. 


The Sea Cliff Silly Shakespeare Company will perform at the village beach Saturday at 6pm.

North Shore's Homecoming is this Saturday. 

Join the International Coastal Cleanup Day at Garvies Point on Saturday at noon.

Sunday at 12pm, Old Westbury Gardens is hosting Kidsfest. Borrow a pass from the Sea Cliff Library.

The Queens County Farm Museum hosts the traditional Queens County Fair this weekend.

On Sunday, the NY Botanical Garden has their Edible garden Festival with Mario Batali. More info here.

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