Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weekend Reading


Planning to do some grocery shopping this weekend? A new study suggests you might want to leave the kids at home next time you go grocery shopping -- you're more likely to buy healthy foods.

This is too much. Apparently the corn lobby is upset that high fructose corn syrup has such a bad reputation (for reasons we've discussed here before.) So, they are petitioning the FDA to change the name to "corn sugar" hoping you'll be none the wiser. Grist also ran a post about the issue.

Great post at Better DC School Food on sugar, calories and the re-authorization of the child nutrition act.

Some new research demonstrates that nationally the school lunch program is contributing to the childhood obesity epidemic -- but that participating in the national school breakfast program can have the opposite effect. I'm thrilled our new lunch menus get us out of the business of highly processed USDA commodity school lunch foods. I'm also hoping we'll have a breakfast program one day.

You might want to catch up on the reporting at La Vida Locavore on how we're going to be eating giant genetically engineered salmon soon. Or, you just might find it way too creepy. Or, you might want to read their take on the Box Tops program. (Although I should point out that Box Tops do not appear exclusively on items like fruit roll ups.)

Ran across a new cooking magazine for kids on Mark Bittman's blog called ChopChop which might interest you guys - it's nonprofit and the sponsors are not giant food companies.

Local Fun

Do not worry! If you missed the storming of the castle last weekend, you can still catch the Medieval Festival at the Sands Point Preserve this weekend. Whew.


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