Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Action Alert: Call Pete King and Fix School Lunch Now!

From the Center for Science in the Public Interest:

There are only 7 legislative days remaining before the school lunch and other child nutrition programs expire on September 30. Congress must act swiftly to pass a child nutrition bill and get it to the President’s desk in time.

The Senate passed their bill in early August and now, it is the House of Representative’s turn. Kids need Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the House to make swift passage of a child nutrition bill a top priority.

Please ask your U.S. Representative to make renewal of the child nutrition programs a priority. The health of our children depends on it.

Thank you for your help!

Margo Wootan
Director, Nutrition Policy
Center for Science in the Public Interest

Congressman Peter King can be reached at 202-225-7896.

If you prefer, you can send a letter through the Healthy Schools Campaign:

Dear HSC Friend:

This is a critical time for school food policy and resources. Congress has returned from recess and now has until September 30 to act before the current Child Nutrition Act expires. The Senate has passed their version of the bill. Now, we need our elected leaders in the House of Representatives to pass their version of the Child Nutrition Act -- and fund the bill without taking money from food stamps.

Please take a moment to send a letter urging a timely reauthorization of the Child Nutrition Act.

While the current House and Senate versions of the bill do not include adequate funding to fundamentally transform school food, they do include many health-promoting policy provisions and small increases in the reimbursements schools receive for the meals they provide.

In a world where cash-strapped schools are already losing money on their meal programs and growing numbers of families rely on school food, it is important that Congress reauthorize the bill so that schools can receive increased meal reimbursements. A delayed reauthorization would put health-promoting policy provisions such as farm-to-school programs, limits on junk food in schools, and streamlined administration of the program at risk.

Please urge your representative to help bring this bill to the floor for a vote. Click here to send a letter.

Thank you for being part of this important effort.

Rochelle Davis
Founding Executive Director


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