Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Friday, September 3, 2010

Weekend Reading - and Fun


A study by researchers at New Mexico State University discovered another healthy nudge when they tested dividing shopping carts in two and telling customers one half was for fruits and vegetables. I'm tempted to do this with school lunch trays.....

The chocolate milk in schools debate rages on as the dairy industry unleashes their advertising dollars. This piece in the New York Times covers all the bases.

The Times also had this piece on childhood headaches which discusses some of the causes including skipping breakfast (I think our school should offer it!) and not drinking enough water (which should be available in our cafeteria for free.)

And one more piece from the Times (sorry if y'all already read the Times cover to cover this week). Our school collects body-mass index figures along with the physical exam form your pediatrician fills out. In this piece, Jane Brody discusses the short falls of BMI in measuring the health of individuals versus larger populations overall. Nonetheless, I'd like to know what the overall figures are for our school.

Besides the Times, I also like Jill Richardson's reporting at La Vida Locavore - here, she lays out the dirt behind the big egg recall over salmonella.

Looks like Canada is going to ban BPA as toxic. This chemical is used to harden plastic and is found in tin can liners, water bottles and plastic food containers. It is of course legal here.


The New York Botanical Garden continues its Edible Garden series over the Labor Day weekend with a special event - the Family Garden's Global Gardens celebrating the summer harvest around the world. These hands-on events are terrific for kids. More information at


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