Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekend Reading


The Spoonfed blog has some great thoughts on how one mom deals with Halloween candy.

Nutrition for the Future has 5 tips on a healthier and greener Halloween.

Flash Mobs for  a Healthy Halloween? Check out this guest blog over at Mrs. Q's Fed Up blog.

Petitions to Sign

The people at Food, Inc. recently sent this email:

Tell the FDA to Just Label It

A recent study shows that over 93% of Americans think it's necessary to label genetically engineered (GE) foods. We all have the right to know what we eat. The Just Label It campaign, a coalition of hundreds of socially-conscious organizations and companies, is bringing together millions of activists to demand that the FDA require the labeling of GE foods.
Concerned about the lack of labeling of GE foods? Start by learning the eight things you can do about it, including writing the FDA.
Thank you for all of your support,

Local Fun

The Civic Association's Cider Social is Sunday 3-4 in our own Central Park. Lots of fun for costume-wearing kids.

The Long Island Children's Museum has their halloween gala on Sat. from 6-9.  They are also sponsoring a "healthy halloween" as part of the Get Up and Go series on Sunday at 2:30pm.

Clark Garden's Spooky Walk is Sat. from 6-9pm and on Sunday afternoon they will host a not-so-spooky walk from 12-4pm.

The Teddy Roosevelt Nature Sanctuary has also planned Halloween fun on Saturday. Kids age 2-10 are invited from 1 - 2:30pm.  (Update: Moved to Sunday due to the weather!)

And of course the Pumpkin Patch at the Methodist Church is open until 6, And AFTER Halloween, all those leftover pumpkins will be sold for next to nothing for those of you thinking of pumpkin are some recipes that appeared in the NYT to get you thinking....

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