Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Friday, October 21, 2011

Weekend Reading


The battle over the potato is back. The NYT ran a piece describing how the Dept of Agriculture was attempting to implement the recently re-authorized school lunch legislation by limiting starchy vegetables like potatoes (read: french fries and tater tots)  in favor of leafy greens, etc. The US Senate took time out from such weighty matters as the economy to pass actual legislation insisting that children never be denied unlimited access to french fries, I mean potatoes. You'll have to search for that one yourself ....

The WSJ chronicled how (delicious) vegan cupcakes go undercover by necessity.  Plus they have video of how Babycakes NYC makes theirs.

The Journal also ran a great article on the 'halo effect' of the produce aisle and how processed foods are attempting an invasion.  So, read your labels -- but also the tricks grocers use to sell fresh fruits and vegetables probably work in school lunch lines as well.

The USDA has just published an evaluation of its fresh fruits and vegetables program aimed at increasing consumption  of these foods in our country's poorest communities.

Petitions to Sign

Join the Environmental Working group's petition to the FDA to label genetically-modified foods.

Local Fun

This Sat. and Sun. is the annual $5 Halloween costume sale on Sheridan Ln - 11am - 5pm. Proceeds benefit a literacy foundation.

Sat. at 4pm the good of the Village Association will run a family-friendly tour of the Carpenter Family cemetery behind the school.

On Sunday, the North Shore Boys and Girls Club hosts their annual family carnival from 11am - 5pm.

The world-record setting giant pumpkin will come to the NY Botanical Garden this weekend along with lots of other fun Halloween activities in the children's garden.

Need more? It's also (Hard) Cider Week.

And coming up next week ....

Next Thurs at 4:30 is the North Shore HS Halloween Party.

On Monday, the Cinema Arts Theater in Huntington continues their Food on Film series with

In Celebration of Food Day
Co-presented by Slow Food, Huntington

Film + Cooking Demonstration by Chef BHAVANI JAROFF

Food Provided by Whole Foods Market and Chipotle
Monday, October 24 at 7:30pm 
Members $9 / Public $13 / Includes Cooking Demonstration
Following the film, Chef Bhavani Jaroff of iEat Green and co-leader of Slow Food Huntington, will show you how to prepare meals on a budget, that is delicious, nutritious, and sustainable for the planet. Taste for yourself what a real value meal can be!
Food Stamped is an informative and humorous documentary film following a couple as they attempt to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet on a food stamp budget. Food Stamped investigates why America is overfed, yet malnourished. Food Stamped follows nutritionist Shira Potash and her documentary filmmaker husband Yoav as they attempt to eat a healthy, well balanced diet on a food stamp budget. Through their adventures, they consult with Members of Congress, food justice advocates, nutrition experts, and people living on food stamps to take a deep look at the obesity epidemic and the American economy; it's a thought-provoking examination of the barriers low-income Americans face in their attempts to eat healthy. USA, 2011, 62 min.

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