Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekend Reading -- and Fun


The USDA has put out two fact sheets in response to the new healthier school meals and the response to the new maximum calorie standards.  Check out this sheet which addresses making school lunch more filling and this one on after school snack programs and athletics.

Bhavani Jaroff covered the healthier lunch, er, issue on her site along with Girl Scout cookies and urban eggs this past week.

Healthier cereals for kids are coming - unless you live in the U.S. Worse yet - when companies do reformulate cereals to reduce sugar they simultaneously increases advertising on their worst cereals. Read more about the craziness that goes on.

Apps and other Shopping

Get a shopping guide for non-GMOs foods for you iphone! (Or you can get a paper copy, too.)

TakePart has a round-up of organic and non-GMO Halloween treats.  For another kind of idea on Halloween treats altogether - check out this handout from the NY Coalition for Healthy School Foods. Plus, check our post here for other ideas.


Sea Cliff's own costume sale is this weekend! Sat and Sun on Prospect Ave - you'll see the cars. All costumes $5 and proceeds benefit charity.

Bailey Arboretum is having a Pumpkin Festival on Sunday starting at noon.

The Planting Fields is hosting a Fall Family Festival on both Saturday and Sunday.

The NY Botanical Garden has a Giant Pumpkin carving this weekend and their Haunted Pumpkin Garden all month. 

The NYC Food Film Festival is this weekend.

The Nassau County Museum of Art is having a program for children in conjunction with their Chagall exhibit - large scale art making and a petting zoo on Saturday.

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