Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Checking Your Child's Lunch and Snack Purchases Online

Want to know what your child is buying during lunch? You can check online and get a purchase history that looks like this:

9/28/201212211SALAD BAR LUNCH$3.00
9/28/201212211* Account Debit *($3.00)
10/4/201212261FOODS SHOULD TASTE GOOD$1.50
10/4/201212261SALAD BAR LUNCH$3.00
10/4/201212261* Account Debit *($4.50)
10/15/201212101ELEMENTARY ENTREE OF THE DAY$3.00
10/15/201212101* Account Debit *($3.00)
10/23/201212401ELEMENTARY ENTREE OF THE DAY$3.00
10/23/201212401* Account Debit *($3.00)
10/24/201212321WRAP OF THE DAY$3.00
10/24/201212321* Account Debit *($3.00)
10/26/20121141* Deposit to Meal Account with MealPay *$15.00
10/26/201211961WRAP OF THE DAY$3.00
10/26/201211961* Account Debit *($3.00)

Notice that you can tell which lunch your child bought - hot lunch, salad bar, alternate entree (called a "wrap" even if it is the fruit plate, for example) AND exactly which snacks - like the Food Should Taste Good crackers he or she bought and the cost.

Our system is online here -

If you haven't used it before, you will need an ID# for your child that is different (and longer) than the pin# used to buy lunch. Just call the food service dept and they will happily and easily get it for you - 277-7090.

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