Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Friday, June 4, 2010

Weekend Reading, Watching -- and Fun

First, Something to Read -

Salt with that Latte?
The New York Times had a stunning article about the salt industry's lobbying efforts (and their video that suggests everything - even coffee - is enhanced by salt) and the known risks of salt in our diets. I've read labels for lunches at our school where the sodium exceeds 1000 mg. According to the NYT article, children should not have more than 1500mg a day. Read for yourself at

Need another reason not to drink bottled water?
While reading Mark Bittman's blog (you'll like it! I ran across a mention of bacteria in bottled water. Read more -

Something to Watch

Continuing in the lobbists vs kids vein, I ran across a link to this video called The Food Lobby Goes to School which describes how invested large food manufacturers are in making sure your kids grow up eating their "food" in our schools. Another example of what we're up against in making lunch healthier and getting the Child Nutrition Act reauthorized. Watch here:

And finally some Fun -

If you're not completely worn out from the St. Boniface Carnival, Sunday June 6 is the Bay Day Festival at The WaterFront Center in Oyster Bay from 11a - 5p. See their website at Besides sailing, kayaking, touch tanks with animals from the bay, food and music, they will also have exhibits from groups readers of this blog may be interested in - Bhavani Jaroff's iEat Green, Slow Food LI, NE Organic Farmers Assoc and lots (lots!) of environmental groups.


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