Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Action Alert - Tell Congress to To Support Healthy School Lunches

From the Healthy Schools Campaign:

Dear HSC Friend:

Your voice in support of healthy school food matters now as much as ever. As kids across the country head back to school, some members of Congress have begun efforts aimed at rolling back progress on improving school meals -- even after countless parents, teachers and advocates have demonstrated strong support for healthier choices.

We need your help to let Congress know just how important healthy school food is.

The USDA has proposed common-sense standards to improve school lunches and breakfasts by including more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains; fat-free and low-fat milk; less salt; fewer unhealthy saturated and trans fats; moderate calories; and better accountability.
Now, some Senators are worried that the USDA’s proposed standards would limit servings of certain starchy vegetables, including white potatoes and corn, and have asked that funding of the new standards be prohibited. The proposed standards, which follow the Institute of Medicine’s recommendations for school meals, would put more fruits and vegetables on students’ plates every day and provide students with a greater variety of fruits and vegetables. This represents an important step toward addressing the childhood obesity epidemic and helping kids develop healthy eating habits for a lifetime. We believe that as the USDA is finalizing its proposal, the agency will strike a balance that most importantly ensures kids are getting well-balanced meals at school.
We need your voice to urge your Senators to support these standards so that all children have access to healthy school meals.
If the Senators who oppose USDA’s efforts are successful, their objections could jeopardize the important progress we’ve seen this year for healthy school food. Please take a moment to let your Senators know that there is still strong support for healthy school meals. Take action here.
Thank you for speaking up for kids' health.

Many thanks -
Rochelle Davis
President and CEO

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