Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Friday, November 16, 2012

Weekend Reading - and Fun


There are lots of websites proposing experiments kids can do on their Halloween candy (see The Candy Experiments) but I like the experiments the Freakonomics team decided to do with candy - apparently, the mere image of Michelle Obama prompts older kids to choose fruit over candy. Image what we could do in our school cafeteria with this information - a school where most kids voted for Obama.

I like Mark Bittman's Op Ed in the NYT where he proposes a new food label.

Take Slow Food's Slow Thanksgiving Quiz - learn a little soemthing - and be entered in their organic turkey raffle.


Buy a thermometer for your refrigerator. The you'll know when it's time to throw out all your food again. Click through to Amazon -- I like the Taylor Digital Stick On Refrigerator Thermometer.


Fooducate has Apps - apps that grade the relative healthiness of foods, apps that look for allergens and will also flag foods with GMO ingredients. Find them here.  (Although I am skeptical of the food rating system.)


Photo from the Native American Thanksgiving Feast at Garvies Point
The Garvies Point Native American Thanksgiving Feast is this weekend- do not miss it!

The American Museum of Natural History is running a series called Adventures in the Global Kitchen. This weekend's seminar is on organic wine.

Bailey Arboretum is hosting a family nature adventure Sunday at 1pm  on how animals prepare for winter.

Old Westbury Gardens is holding a family class on holiday wreath making on Sunday -- you need to register. Our local library has a pass.

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