Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Friday, November 25, 2011

Weekend Reading


Mark Bittman has a great piece in the Times of the food crusaders that he's thankful for (Ann Cooper) and other things that have gone right (The re-authorization of the Child Nutrition Act) in food politics amongst so much that has gone wrong.

Chicago's Public Schools have announced plans to serve antibiotic free chicken in their school lunches. This is not the policy here.

Better DC School Food has more to say about the Great Pizza Is A Vegetable debate pitting lobbyists against your kids.


Can't bring yourself to actually read the coverage of Pizza Is A Vegetable-gate? Watch SNL's Weekend Update with Seth and Kermit here - so you can laugh before you cry.

Local Fun

Old Bethpage Restoration Village has their 1863 Thanksgiving Celebration again this weekend with historic demonstrations, cooking, music and stories. Sat & Sun 10:30-3:30.

On Saturday from 2:30-4:30, the Long Island Children's Museum will put on "Veggie Volume" again this weekend as part of their Get Up and Go Series. A fun healthy educational workshop "inspired by the famous Vienna Vegetable Orchestra."

On Sunday the Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum will host educator from RARE (Rare Animals Really Endangered) at a workshop for kids at 2pm on how to keep our planet clean and, um, make origami.

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