Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sustainable Sea Cliff

I have been very busy getting our vegetable garden set up for a productive first season, with my newly walking one year old daughter and teaching yoga in all sorts of places (including Sea Cliff School!). Forgive me for my less than prolific posts. There is so much happening in terms of food reform at our school. I hope that you have noticed some improvements in the cafeteria.

Many of you have tuned in to Jamie Oliver's television program, The Food Revolution, if you haven't, please do. He is a strong leader in bringing this issue into the consciousness of Americans, the story of Huntington West Virginia, is a metaphor for the rest of the country and sadly, much of the western world.

I have heard rumors of a grant for 40 fruit trees in the North Shore School District. Could this be true?

Imagine an edible school yard in Sea Cliff. The very promise gives me goosebumps!

If you haven't attended one of the meetings for the newly founded, Sea Cliff Sustainable Food Co-op, consider attending the next information session in May. The Co-op is committed to bringing local, organic and biodynamic produce, meats and grains into our community. A working member Co-op based on the amazing Park Slope Food Co-op, it aims to bring our community together around farming, food and grassroots connectivity. I am an active member of the Co-op and would be very happy to speak about our fledgling efforts and the great food we have been sourcing. It looks like we will have a working farm and store very soon.

Please check out the Ning site (you can find a link on our Sites of Interest list), there you will be able to read the mission statement and learn a little more about the Sustainable Sea Cliff Co-op.

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