Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Action Alert - Call Today!

The Child Nutrition Act Reauthorization is on the move again! The House Committee on Education is marking up this bill TODAY at 2pm. We need the committee to act quickly and move the bill to the floor of the full House for a vote. If they don't, the danger is that this bill will not get passed this year and no changes will be made to the school lunch program.

Here are more details from the NY Coalition for Healthy School Food:

"Your Members need to hear from you!

THE MESSAGE IS SIMPLE. Tell your Representative to act quickly in marking up the bill and moving it to the House floor for a full vote. Now is the time to increase funding for food assistance programs and to enhance the nutrition quality of these programs for our nation's children - including school meal programs.

Ask that they include the following as they mark up the bill:

Additional funding.
Currently the bill only includes 6 cents more per meal. NYS Senator Kirsten Gillibrand asks for 70 cents more per day and First Lady Michelle Obama asked for 18.5 cents. We can't expect our Food Service Directors to make a healthy and delicious 5 component meal with only 96 cents (90 cents currently spent on the food itself plus the 6 cents they are suggesting be added).

Call the numbers below, and ask to speak to the Legislative Aide listed. If they do not answer, leave a voice mail with your name, phone number, and the message to vote yes on H.R. 5504 and pass the Child Nutrition Reauthorization bill out of committee.

Carolyn McCarthy (4th NY)

Staff: Kim Zarish-Becknell, 202-225-5516

Tim Bishop (1st NY)

Staff - Joanna Serra 202-225-3826

Yvette D. Clarke (11th NY)

Staff: Bridgette Dehart 202-225-6231 (the House member most active)

Paul D. Tonko (21st NY)

Staff: Becky Cornell 202-225-5076"


You can also use this link to send an email through the Healthy Schools Campaign:


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