Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Sea Cliff Nutrition Committee. The Apple People

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Call Congress TODAY

We received this email from Healthy School Food -- go to for all the details on what to say and who to call (the links in the email below are not active). Then, use the Comments section to tell us what kind of response you received!


Will the "WHO's" of New York State
Make the elected officials care what's on our children's plate?
Dear Friends,
With apologies to Dr. Seuss, right now those of us who care about child nutrition are like the "Who's" in "Who-ville". We have been advocating for positive changes to school meal programs, and other food available in schools, yet our elected officials say they can't hear us!
They are hearing from lobbyists who want soda in schools, they are hearing from processed food manufacturers, and yes, they are even hearing from non-profit organizations like New York Coalition for Healthy School Food. But they tell us they are not hearing from their constituents, and therefore they don't feel that this issue really matters to "the people out there."
We know they are wrong and that you do care. But we all have to call at the same time so that they'll hear us. That's why today is:
New York State's "CALL IN DAY."
Right now we have an opportunity to make a difference in the life of virtually every child in the country. We can make a difference by advocating for more funding for healthy school food, as well as for regulations which would result in healthier food being served. The Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act will be voted on soon. But right now the Senate Ag Committee only wants to commit 6 cents more per lunch. That's not enough! You can learn what to say when you call on our Take Action page and how to say it at the "Contacting and Speaking to Your Representative" on the NYC for CNR page.
Phone your elected officials to let them know that kids matter. You do not need to live in NYS to phone your elected officials - this is a federal bill and will impact children all across the United States.
We must make our voices heard, unless we want to be boiled in ''Beezelnut Oil''. You just might be the very tiny shirker like "Jojo" who ends up making the difference. Just click here to learn what to say on the phone call. Decisions are being made soon, so please, call today!
Best wishes,
Amie Hamlin
Executive Director


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  1. Here are the phone numbers to call --

    Senator Kirstin Gillibrand: 202-224-4451

    Senator Charles Schumer: 202-224-6542

    Congressman Pete King: 202-225-7896

    Here's what they recommend you say:
    When you call, say: "My name is and I am calling to ask Senator (or Representative) to support the Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act with the following provisions to help make it stronger." (then just read the provisions below. Please work with Senate leaders, Senator Harry Reid, and Senator Mitch McConnell to move the bill to the Senate floor for a vote this month."

    Please join the NYCHSF in advocating for the following be addressed in the upcoming CNR.

    1. Increase Funding: Ask for $4 billion per year
    The Senate Ag committee passed the bill out of committee with just a 6 cents increase per child per day. The White House administration has asked for $1 billion/year, which is 18.5 cents per child per day. Senator Gillibrand wants $4 billion/year, and that is 70 cents per child per day.

    2. Ask your Congressional Representative to sign onto HR4870, HR4310, HR 4333.
    HR4870 supports plant-based commodities and a pilot program to test them

    HR4310 denys tax deductions for advertising and marketing of unhealthy food to children

    HR4333 supports salad bars, fresh fruits and vegetables